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5 tips to become a professional singer!!!

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Nowadays there are many possibilities in the music business to become a professional singer and transform a simple hobby in a job!!!

Music business could be a complicated and though world, but there are many possibilities to become a professional singer.

These are 5 tips for a singer who start to approach this seriously as a profession.

1: Make a good plan.

First of all you will need a good plan on how you want to reach this goal and how much commitment do you want to put in it.

These are just some example on what to be focused on:

  • Learn as more as you can about how to sing, about the vocal technique , take singing lesson regularly and practice on your voice daily.
  • Treat your voice in a gentle way cause this instrument will be your source of income.
  • Be involved in the musical activity of your local area.
  • Understand how to being involved into the music business.
  • Increase your level step by step because it will be a long process.


Professional Singer

2: People around you:

Being positive everyday and be surrounded by people who trust and believe in you is a good starting point.  

Starting a career as a professional singer could be very though especially for people who are not so inside the music industry and want to make steps in order to enter in the music business.

Be nice with the people around you can help you with social relationship and also for create connections with people involved in music like you in your local community.

3: Be honestly critic about yourself:

Professional Singer

Working on yourself is the key to understand where are your strength points and what points you need to improve.

Being honestly critic about itself giving you the possibility to do daily works in order to reach the next level, step by step.

Take inspiration from other people around you who make this job on a professional level is also a good tip.

4: Being surrounded from experts who can take you to the next level:

After planning how to start , you will need to find somebody who can help you to reach this goals.

You need to find , for example, a good vocal coach who can help you improve your vocal skills and to achieve what you want.

An important aspect in this example is to understand if the vocal coach is actually a good teacher for your purpose.

Find somebody you can trust, that will guide you through all the processes in order to help your voice reaching the best.

Maybe it will take time in order to reach your vocal goals, but remember: Rome wasn’t built in one day.

5: Are talent shows the only way?

Professional Singer

Nowadays talent shows , good or bad they are, monopolise in a certain way the music business.

The most common question to a singer who start doing gigs is “why don’t you try to go to a talent show?”.

Talent shows could be a good starting point to become a professional singer but is not the only way and most importantly is not the final goal.

There are even more possibilities to become a professional singer without the talent shows, for example:

  • Session Singer
  • Wedding singer
  • Recording singer
  • TV vocalist
  • Back-up Vocalist
  • Singing teacher
  • Musical Theatre singer
  • Opera Singer
  • Cruise singer

After all this consideration we can say that become a professional singer is certainly require a lot work.

This work will pay you back for sure if you put all yourself in order to achieve it.

Professional singer

“Every student is unique because every voice is unique.”

 Daniele Calimera is a certified singing teacher for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). He is an expert of the MIX method, use by international singing stars.  Lessons in Cardiff  and via Skype

Daniele Calimera

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