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My fantastic experience at VIVACON 2016 in Rome

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Hello guys. 

Today i would like to share with you this fantastic experience at VIVACON 2016, the first IVA conference in Rome, organized by Roberto Delli Carri, on October 22-23.

It was beautiful living this experience both as singing teacher and as a singer. 

Saturday 22th in the morning was focused all to the presentation and application of IVA method with the master teachers Jeffrey Skouson and Stephanie Borm-Krueger.

This two fantastic teachers teached me everything about voice and singing. 

Saw them working with a lot of singers in this conference was a delightful experience, i learned a lot just watching them and how ,even though the technique we teach is the same, their approach is different but both work very well. 

 Me and Stephanie Borm-Krueger                                       Jeffrey Skouson,                IVA Master Teacher                                                                CEO and IVA Master Teacher

After this worshop it was time for the second guest of Vivacon2016 , the professor Franco Fussi one of the greatest speech pathologist and otolaryngologist in Italy.

He worked with artist like Andrea Bocelli,Elisa,Laura Pausini,Zucchero and other international artist.

His masterclass was focused on vocal registers,how to maintain the voice healty and trained, how the vocal folds worked in different genres and also few tips for warming up and cool down our voice before and after one show.

I found this masterclass very interesting because i learn how the vocal folds and all our vocal system worked, the useful tips to maintain our voice always train and in well shape and also how the voice work in extreme genres(i am a rock singer so i feel confortable with this speech,ehehe…) using skills like growl,scream etc..

I also have the honor to work with him in the conference trying the Vox resonance tube ,a really useful tip for warming up.


The second day was focused all on the practice. It was started with the great Mario Rosini

who introduced his pop and jazz masterclass. Mario Rosini is a singer,songwriter,pianist and jazz singing teacher to Monopoli Conservatory.

During his masterclass he gave us some useful tips regarding blues and jazz singing then he played with some of us..and i was one of the student who work with him.

I didn’t do anything, i just let my voice follow the way he played the song,the rythmic changing he always put in the song and the crescendo and diminuendo. What a fantastic experience.  Here’s my performance with him:                                 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK9q2zWqMGo

The next guest was the great Giulia Luzi, italian singer(Romeo e Giulietta,Tale e quale show) ,actress (I Cesaroni) and voice actress (italian voice for Hanna Montana).

She made an interview, run by his vocal coach Roberto Delli Carri, about how the IVA method drastically change her voice and her approach to the singing.

Then she also demonstrate the great increasing skills in her voice making a mini-lesson with Roberto. 

After Giulia Luzi, we got the great Giorgia Giuntoli. She is and actress and stage coach and her masterclass was focused all on the stage presence and how important is the body language during a show or a concert.

As a singer i found this masterclass really interesting cause i think that one the reason why we sing or act is to send a message, and the way we approach the stage is also a good instrument to send a message(that could be sadness,happyness,rage,anger etc..).

Last but not least , the great Timothy Martin introduce his Gospel Masterclass.

Personally i’ve never made gospel before so i was really excited.

Timothy is a tenor and actor work through Italy and USA. He basically built a gospel choir with us in two hours.

He just divide us in tenor,baritone,mezzo and soprano and gave us a different phrase to sing while the pianist played the song.

Step by step he cross all the singing and the result was one great choir and i can definetely say, wooooow.

It seems like all the voices converged into a unique ,great singing. I definetely need to do it again. Thank you Timothy.

What can i say more about VIVACON 2016.

I would like to talk about the impressions,the emotion,the happyness inside me after this experience but i think i will spend too many word.

The only thing i can say is that the day after VIVACON 2016 my thinking was “When’s the next?”.


 Daniele Calimera is a certified singing teacher for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). He is an expert of the MIX method, use by international singing stars.  Lessons in Cardiff  and via Skype

Daniele Calimera

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