How to maintain a good vocal health !

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Our voice is a wonderful,fascinating and delicate instrument so we always need to maintain a good vocal health.

Here is just some tips to follow to maintain our vocal health and to obtain the best from our instrument:

– Keep the instrument hydrated

– Avoid alchool , sigarettes and junk food to avoid acid reflux

– Avoid stressful situation

– Doing sport

– Have a good rest

– Vocal practice everyday

Keep the instrument hydrated:

 Drinking water (at least 1.5 litres a day) is important to maintain our vocal folds (and our body) in a good shape. It could be also helpful ,if we feel our vocal folds always dry, to  breath fumes for 10-15 minutes.

Avoid alchool,sigarettes and junk food:

Ok don’t take this like a “bible”, of course if we sometimes have a beer or a big hamburger with lot of sauces it will be not a big deal. I talk in first person because this one of my most challenging point (i love food eheheh!!!). Assuming alchool and junk food regularly could be dangerous for our voice because they increase acid reflux and the result is an hard recovering for our vocal folds. Acid reflux is caused by specific food like fried food,chocolate and sweet food in general, alchool,sauces made it with cream and fat and soft drinks(coke,fanta,sprite ecc). 

The best choices in this case could be:

– Fruits

– Vegetables

– Fish (muscles,mackerel,cod and sometimes also fat fish like salmon)

– Low fat meat like chicken,turkey ecc..

– Yogurt

– Cheeses (Feta,mozzarella ecc..)

It is also important the quantity of the meal, so avoid big quantity of meal.

Sigarettes can also influence our voice because when we smoke our vocal folds become dry and they are also stressed by the high temperature of the sigarette.

– Avoid stressful situation:

Sometimes drinking water and have a good food is not enough to avoid acid reflux and to maintain our vocal folds in a good shape. Stressful situation can influence our voice as well because our body react to this situation as well as our vocal folds. When we are stressed or angry sometimes we shout and use a lot of volume even though we didn’t recognize it and this is could be dangerous for our vocal folds. So my advice is to avoid stressful situation (i know that sometimes is difficult) in order to mantain always a good equilibrium in our entire body, not only the vocal folds.

– Doing sport:

Doing sport could be useful to mantain and also improve our vocal skills. Of course we didn’t need hours and hours a day of sport, it will be enough 30 minutes – 45 minutes a day of running or walking in the park for example.

– Have a good rest:

A good voice pass through a good rest. If our body is lack of sleep or we didn’t have a good resting during the night , even our vocal folds will be tired. My advice is to have always 7-8-9 hours of sleeping a night to keep our voice rest and ready for the day after.

– Vocal practice everyday :

This is the most important tips. Daily practice is the key to maintain and increase our vocal skills. As any other athlets that always need to train their muscles to keep it ready , even we need to train our vocal folds to remain in a good shape and also to reach step by step new goals. 

“Every student is unique because every voice is unique.”

 Daniele Calimera is a certified singing teacher for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). He is an expert of the MIX method, use by international singing stars.  Lesson in Cardiff  and via Skype

Daniele Calimera


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