The relation between Singing Technique and Style.

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The relation between singing technique and Style.

Teaching singing technique and singing style is a bit different. Singing technique give you the base for having a good,smooth and , most important thing, balanced voice.

One the most common question i’ve received is how can i sing in this specific style or i sing rock and i want an aggressive voice,how could you help me?

Teaching a specific style without considering singing technique first  could be dangerous if the singer doesn’t has a good basic vocal technique because it could improve a wrong tendency in the student and ruin his\her voice. 

Knowing a good singing technique , how to manage the passages, how to remain with a balanced voice from the bottom to the top of your range is a base for a good singing whatever your favourite genre is.

For example, if you sing pop,rock or heavy metal it could be possible that your voice will be too heavy as travelling into the high notes, and the results could be a strained , nasty , high volume voice that could ruined the voice if you regurarly touring for gigs. Another example could be a female opera singer who has a good trained head voice but not enough chest voice in the bottom of her range

This is two examples of “extremes” tendencies that a singer could develop. The role of the vocal coach who teach singing technique is to move from this vocal extreme to a balance voice. 

Singing technique 

During the teaching he has to make understandable to the student what the meaning of this two extremes in the voice and navigate the singer from one extreme to another and slowly find the right balance, the middle of the pendulum, the MIX in this case.

Once the singer find and develop a good singing technique , he\she can move into a more “stylistic” singing and move to one extreme or another easier because he\she experienced the sensation of a good balanced singing during his\her vocal training.

That’s why knowing the right singing technique is essential for the singer, because once you know how to keep your voice balanced,how to travel smoothly through the passages from the bottom of your range to the top, your voice could be ready to slightly travel in the pedulum extremes, and also develop more “stylistic” singing.


Daniele Calimera is a certified singing teacher for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). He is an expert of the MIX method, use by international singing stars.  Lesson in Cardiff  and via Skype



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