My long journey through the study of vocal technique

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 This is my first post on my new website and i would like to share with you more about my self and my experience as a singer and student.

I started to sing when i was a child. I’ve always sung but i received the starting light when i found in my father’s car one music box…”Queen, Greatest hits 2″. From that point i started to explore more and more about all rock’n roll music,blues,soul,musical theater and Opera and i started to try singing it.

 I’ve always had a tenor voice but until 22 i’ve never considered to begin to study singing technique because i thought i didn’t need it. The problems for my voice started when i did more consecutive gigs in a week. I feel my voice always tired after 30 minute of concert and sometimes ,the day after , i’ve had to be in silence because i feel my voice hurt. I feel so frustrated that i think my vocal folds had a problem of stamina or some issues. So i decided that it was the moment to discover more about singing technique.

I started in 2010 with the teacher Arabella Vallone. I’ve studied with her for two years and she teached me everything about diaframatic respiration and how to expand my vocal range.

Then i wanted to discover more and i joined the teacher Roberto Delli Carri and the IVA Technique. Roberto teach me all about vocal register and how the voice work in a more natural way.

I’ve always had some wrong vocal tendencies and i spend time to fix it. This kind of work was fantastic because i could work not only on my voice, but even on myself.

The result of this work is that now i’m able to play 2-3 times a week without any problem. Now i’m happy to train my voice daily because every day I discover new things about my voice, because i understand what happen “behind the stage” , because i can fix the vocal problems (acid reflux,lack of sleep ecc.) with the exercises and vocalizes.

With the study of vocal technique i increase not only my stamina, but even my range,how the voice challenge the passages (“bridge” or “passaggio”), how to sing in a natural way and how to make my sound more smooth.

 “The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself” (La Meri)

 Daniele Calimera is a certified singing teacher for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). He is an expert of the MIX method, use by international singing stars.  Lesson in Cardiff  and via Skype


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