Tuesday, 5 December , 2017
  • On site lessons:

    • Lesssons in the heart of Cardiff Bay
    • You will follow in every aspects of your singing development
    • Auditions and Concert preparation
    • Workshop
    • Composing support in writing music
    • Vocal recovering from previous issues (nodules,surgery)

My equipment:

  • Digital 88 scales keys piano
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Condenser microphone Behringer C1
  • Dynamic microphone Shure SM58
  • 16 channel Behringer mixer
  • Printer
  • Wi-FI connection

Every lesson is recorded and release to the student at the end of it (via usb key or we transfer).

Skype Lessons:

On Line lessons is the best option for student who live far away from the city, or for students who has working problem, or also for student who wants to have a confortable lesson from home with the same service as on site lesson. All you need is a good broadband and the free videoconference software Skype.

Skype lessons will be recorded as well and you will have the same service as an on site lesson but confortably from you home.

IS SKYPE LESSONS USEFUL as on site lessons?

With the broadband expanding , Skype is become a really good instrument for all the students who can’t phisically reach the studio cause they live far away or people who have working problems.

There is students that works by itself with recorded cd’s or youtube videos without being followed step by step by a teacher, increasing the risk to get some information in the wrong way or, in the worst cases, to ruin their voices in a long term.

With Skype lessons, Daniele Calimera will follow  you step by step in all the changing and improving process of your voice. As the mainstream artists followed by their personal vocal coach via Skype when they are in tour wordlwide , even you will be followed every week reaching the same results as on site lessons.