How much time i need to learn how to use my voice and master it?

As any other instrument,learning how to control the voice require time and dedication from the student.

With the MIX technique you will see really soon great improvement in your voice. There are many factors involved into the learning process.

Student vocal condition and previous vocal habit:

Every singer as his own vocal tendency and vocal habit.

If for long time you applied a wrong vocal technique(or no technique at all in certain case), maybe you will need more time in changing your vocal coordination and mastering your voice at its best.

Vocal training quality and frequency

Mastering an instrument require a good and costant daily practice. Voice is not an exeption.

If you train your instrument daily, it’s more probable that your voice improving will happen faster and costantly.

The quality of the training is important too.

That’s why every lesson is recorded and release to the student at the end of it, so the student could always practice and acquire step by step,day by day, new skills.

As the training in sport, even in singing we need to maintain a good standard for having our voice always ready at 100%.

Lessons Frequency

With the MIX method you will notice good improvement strictly when you start.

Of course, changing a voice tendency as a neuro-muscular level could be a long process, so the more you work ,the faster you will obtain a good changing in your voice.

My advice for people who start studying and want to do singing as a work is to studying at least once a week with the teacher, even though the best will be twice,three times a week.

My goal is to give you all the information in order to,  once you acquire the technique, you will be indipendent from me.

You will see the first results after 4-5 months , and after a year (keeping this lesson frequency) you will notice remarkable improving in controlling your voice,stamina,range,sounds quality.

As any athleths who always need to increase his skills, even the professional singer never stop it’s studying and improving.

That’s why the more you’ll continue making lesson with me, the more full of details our studying will be.

A young Luciano Pavarotti, in one interview, talking about meeting his singing mentor Beniamino Gigli after a concert ,asked him how long he studied to become such a wonderful singer. Beniamino replied “I’VE JUST FINISHED 5 MINUTES AGO”


What kind of genre do you teach?

Whatever your genre is, i will help you to balance and coordinate your voice so you can challenge every ind of music from rock to pop, from blues to soul, from musical theater to opera, from swing to heavy metal.

How can i have lesson with you if i live abroad?

In my teaching experience i had many singers studied with me via skype from Italy and UK.

The only thing you need is a good broadband, videocalling software SKYPE, headphones and webcam.

Nowadays Internet make us closer, so we can have the same service but confortably in our home.

To who is the lesson referred?

To every kind of singer, from the professional singer who want to increase his\her skills, to the student who start getting involved into music industry and want to do singing as a job.

How a lesson with you is structured?

After an initial speaks where you briefly told me about your vocal and musical experience,your favourite genre and what kind of improving you expecting, a will make an assessment of your voice that help me to understand what kind of voice tendency you have in order to know really quickly where we need to work in your voice.

So i will start with some exercises and scale that are focuse on activate your voice in a proper way.

Then we will also apply all the exercises we made on a song, cause this is the final goal, SINGING.

We will work on a song you suggest me (a song that you usually sing and want to improve, or a song you need to do for an audition), and apply the technique on the song.

I would like to sing a specific genre but i’ve always had problems in singing it, can you help me?

The answer is: YES i can

In my experience of singer and student i asked myself very frequently this question, cause before i started studying the MIX techinique, i was always have many stamina problem during a concert.

Once i get this fantastic MIX method with IVA and lean into that, i learn how to control my instrument and also singing many song that seemed to me impossible to sing.



Is Skype lessons useful as on site lessons?


Many great artists is followed by their teachers via skype when they are on tour alla round the world. Nowadays the broadband become really fast and stable , so Skype lessons is useful as on site lesson but with the confort of staying in your home and having  exatly the same service.