Hi, I am Daniele Calimera, and I was born in Italy on October 27, 1987.

I discovered my passion for music early on, at the age of 15, when I started singing and playing guitar.

I joined school bands and started covering many famous rock artist (Queen, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd ecc..).

For two years, from 2008 to 2010, I played with the italian hard rock band Never Blame, in which I started making my first original hard rock songs in italian.

After that experience, my interest in vocal technique started to grow, and I began studying music theory.

For a year, I joined the St. Lous college of music in Rome, where I focused on solfege, music theory and piano.

There, I met the italian teacher Arabella Vallone, which helped me deepen my respiration technique.

From 2012 I started studying with the teacher Roberto Delli Carri, certified and area representative teacher for the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).

In the meantime, I joined many bands, Stormwind, Europe Tribute, and Overcover, where I made covers of many italian success songs.

In 2012, I made my first single, “Ascolta il tuo Cuore”, with the label Cassandra Production, written by the composer Manuele LaPuca.

In 2014, after noticing my great improvements with the MIX method, I started a certification program to become a certified teacher with the Institute for Vocal Advancement.

In this certification program I studied with the best teachers in Europe and Usa, like Stephanie Borm-Kruefer (vocal coach for The Voice Germany and IVA master teacher), Jeffret Skouson (IVA CEO and vocal coach of many broadwat artists and rock artists like Imagine Dragons and The Killers), Rachel Black, Andres Martorell, Spencer Welch, Guy Babusek and Linda Tomkinson.


In October 2016 , he join the event VIVA-CONFERENCE in Rome, organized by Roberto Delli Carri, which it’s joined by many famous italian and international artist, and many expert in vocal health and voice technique.

From September 2015 he started teaching through Italy and UK(where he’s living), working with many singer, from beginners to professionals singers, to actors and musical theater singers

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