giovedì, 19 luglio , 2018

Impara la tecnica del MIX

Impara come controllare al meglio la tua voce tramite la tecnica del Mix. Conoscerai tutti i segreti di questa tecnica utilizzata da oltre 130 vincitori di Grammy Awards e da star internazionali.

Risultati garantiti

Sarai seguito personalmente in ogni step di crescita della tua voce attraverso esercizi,nozioni ed applicazione sulle canzoni. Sarò ben contento di aiutarti a superare qualsiasi limite arrivando ad avere una voce libera,estesa e potente.

Preparazione show ed audizioni

Hai un’audizione da preparare oppure una setlist per un concerto? Ti aiuterò a preparare al meglio qualsiasi canzone o genere per ottenere il massimo da ogni tipo di situazione (audizioni per musical,band,preparazione concerti).

Ultime Notizie Blog

DC Vocal Studio: My Singing Heroes

Hello guys, here's Daniele Calimera from DC Vocal Studio and today I will start the blog category: my Singing Heroes!! In this blogs I'm gonna talk about...


A very friendly and knowledgeable experience. Also felt really comfortable and calm. Daniele at no point seem to get frustrated. Was always friendly and encouraged which made you want to keep going.



Had three lessons thanks to 2 friends of mine. It was amazing and very useful. The teacher is well prepared and the atmosphere is so unique. Love it!

Jamie-Ystrad Mynach


Very enjoyable and pleasant experience. In my first hour I gained a lot of very valuable advice and will be putting this to good practice. Looking forward to my next lesson already.



Excellent first lesson where I learnt about what I could do with practice



I was apprehensive because I had never had a vocal lesson before, but Daniele made me feel completely at ease. The lesson was enjoyable and informative, and will definitely be returning.



Friendly and professional,Highly recommended



very relaxed atmosphere, friendly, explanation clear despite not knowing full music theoretical background. So far so good I would recommend DC Vocal studio to anyone wish to improve vocally.

Great first lesson, already making progress Quickly felt at ease

Daniele is an excellent teacher, both from a personal and techinal aspect. He is very welcoming and immediately puts you at ease. I look forward to continuing tuition with Daniele.

Cant vault daniele’s teaching ability, he’s very knowledgeable of his work and showed me some really usefull techniques, just me and my partner finding it to far to travel as we live quite far away from daniele.

My lesson about training voice is professional, good, confident, open, and full of details.

Very helpful tips and overall great lesson – it was fun and I learned some really helpful new skills,I really enjoyed the lesson and The exercises we did.