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Learn how to control your voice better through the MIX technique, used by more than 130 Grammy awards and mainstream stars.

Guaranteed results

You will be followed in every step of your singing improving with focus exercise, knowledge information, and application on the songs. I will gladly help you overcome every limit, and let you develop a free, extended and powerful voice.

Audition and show preparation

Do you have an audition soon? Do you a concert setlist to rehearse? I will help you prepare every kind of song for audition or concert (Concert, Musical theater audition, Band rehearsal).

I’m a certified singing teacher with the Institute for Vocal Advancement and an expert of the MIX technique used by more than 130 grammy awards and international stars like Stevie Wonder, Beyonce’, Michael Jackson ecc.. During my learning process ,both as a performer and singing teacher , I worked with many professional voice teacher from all over the world like Jeffrey Skouson, Stephanie Borm-Krueger, Andres Martorell, Roberto Delli Carri, Rachel Black, Spencer Welch and Andreas Grussl. Since 2015 I start teaching many singers, actors, musical theatre performer from all over Uk and Italy both in my singing studio in Cardiff and via Skype.Since 2015 I start teaching many singers, actors, musical theatre performer from all over Uk and Italy both in my singing studio in Cardiff and via Skype. Read More >>

Daniele Calimera

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The IVA Method – The “MIX” technique

The IVA technique is based on 17th and 18th Century principles of singing developed by the Old Italian School of Singing, and bringing at his top from opera singers like Tito SchipaBeniamino GigliGiacomo Lauri-Volpi and Luciano Pavarotti.

In contemporary music this technique is used by more than 130 grammy award winners, Broadway stars and pop rock icons (Michael JacksonBeyoncèCeline DionSteve PerryStevie Wonder etc).

The goal of this technique is to train singers who can sing with a balanced voice through all the registers, without vocal breaks in the “passages”, with a smooth voice from the bottom to the top of the range and without any strain and changing in quality sound from the low notes to the high notes.

With IVA Method the singer can:

  • Expand to a higher vocal range
  • Get more vocal stamina
  • Obtain a good knowledge to challenge more than one genre
  • Get more control on the voice
  • Control the vibrations
  • Sing with a neutral larynx posture without straining the voice
  • Keep a good vocal health
daniele calimera coach

MIX Technique application

For example, there are students who push as more as they can their chest voice straining the voice to reach the high notes, or students who sing with a breathy voice without any power, or also students who achieve a particular note in his range and then break the voice into falsetto.

Applying focused and specific vocalizations, the singer starts feeling the difference since the first lesson.

The student will start to understand the difference between a balanced sound and a strangle sound very quickly.

That’s why we work on the Cause-Effects principle.

The technique aims to achieve a balance of voice (“MIX” VOICE) to maintain a constant balance between the registers and to maintain the homogeneity of the voice.

The technique is based on the perception of cause and effect rather than descriptive (“put the sound mask,” “supports the sound,” “raises the soft palate”) as the latter it tends to confuse the student.

The principle of cause and effect works because the body receives and registers more sensory experiences rather than the description of the experience itself.


You can choose between two types of lessons, on-site, and online.

On site lessons:

  • Lessons in the heart of Cardiff Bay
  • You will follow in every aspect of your singing development
  • Auditions and Concert preparation
  • Lessons in the heart of Cardiff Bay
  • Workshops
  • Composing support in writing music
  • Vocal recovering from previous issues (nodules, surgery)

My equipment:

  • Digital 88 scales keys piano
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Condenser microphone Behringer C1
  • Dynamic microphone Shure SM58
  • 16 channel Behringer mixer
  • Printer
  • Wi-FI connection

Every lesson is recorded and released to the student at the end of it (via usb key or we transfer).

Start singing the right way!

Skype Lessons

On-Line lessons are the best option for students who live far away from the city, or for students who have working problems, or also for students who want to have a comfortable lesson from home with the same service as an on-site lesson.

All you need is a good broadband and the free video conference software Skype.

Skype lessons will be recorded as well, and you will have the same service as an on-site lesson but comfortably from your home.


Are Skype lessons useful as on site lessons?

With the broadband expanding, Skype has become a really good instrument for all the students who can’t physically reach the studio cause they live far away or people who have working problems.

There are students that work by themselves with recorded CDs or youtube videos without being followed step by step by a teacher, increasing the risk to get some information in the wrong way or, in the worst cases, to ruin their voices in the long term.

With Skype lessons, I will follow you step by step, helping you change and improveyour voice during the entire process.

As the mainstream artists followed by their personal vocal coach via Skype when they are on tour worldwide, you too will be followed every week reaching the same results as on-site lessons.


Free Singing
Vocal Health

Free Singing !!!!

  What I can do in order to release all the muscular tensions and achieve a free singing?  When we start taking singing lessons, as

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Start singing the right way!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Like any other instrument, learning how to control the voice requires time and dedication from the student.

With the MIX technique, you will see significant improvement in your voice rather soon.

There are many factors involved in the learning process.

Every singer has his vocal tendency and vocal habit.

If for a long time you applied a wrong vocal technique (or no technique at all in some cases), maybe you will need more time in changing your vocal coordination and mastering your voice at its best.

Learning an instrument requires a good and constant daily practice.

Voice is not an exception.

If you train your instrument daily, it’s more probable that your voice improving will happen faster and continuously.

The quality of the training is critical too.

That’s why every lesson is recorded and release to the student at the end of it, so the student could always practice and acquire step by step, day by day, new skills.

As the training in the sport, even in singing, we need to maintain a good standard for having our voice always ready at 100%.

With the MIX method, you will notice significant improvements as soon as you start.

Of course, changing the voice tendency at a neuro-muscular level can be a long process, so the more you work, the faster you will obtain a good change in your voice.

My advice for people who start studying and want to do singing as a job is to study at least once a week with the teacher, even though the best would be two, three times a week.

My goal is to give you all the information too,  once you acquire the technique, you will be independent of me.

You will see the first results after 4-5 months, and after a year (keeping this lesson frequency) you will notice a remarkable improvement in controlling your voice, stamina, range, sounds quality.

As any athlete who always needs to increase his skills, even the professional singer never stop studying and improving.

That’s why the more you’ll continue taking lessons with me, the more detailed our studying will be.

A young Luciano Pavarotti, in one interview, talking about meeting his singing mentor Beniamino Gigli after a concert, asked him how long he studied to become such a fantastic singer.

Beniamino replied, “I JUST FINISHED 5 MINUTES AGO.”

Whatever your genre is, I will help you to balance and coordinate your voice so you can challenge every kind of music from rock to pop, from blues to soul, from musical theater to opera, from swing to heavy metal.

In my teaching experience, I’ve had many singers study with me via Skype from Italy and UK.

The only thing you need is a good broadband, video calling software SKYPE, headphones, and webcam.

Nowadays Internet makes us closer, so we can have the same service but comfortably in our homes.

To every kind of singer, from the professional singer who wants to increase his\her skills, to the student who starts getting involved with the music industry and wants to do singing as a job.

After an initial talk where you briefly tell me about your vocal and musical experience, your favorite genre and what kind of improvements are you expecting, I will assess your voice.

That will help me understand what type of voice tendency you have and will allow me to define what we need to work on when we begin.

Next, I will start with some exercises and scale that are focused on adequately activating your voice.

Then we will also apply all the exercises we made on a song, cause this is the final goal, SING.

We will work on a song you suggest me (a song that you usually sing and want to improve on, or a song you need to do for an audition), and apply the technique to the song.

The answer is: YES I can

In my experience of singer and student, I asked myself very frequently this question, because before I started studying the MIX technique, I always had many stamina problems during a concert.

Once I got this fantastic MIX method with IVA and leaned into that, I learned how to control my instrument and also to sing many songs that seemed to be impossible to sing.


Many great artists are followed by their teachers via Skype when they are on tour all around the world.

Nowadays the broadband becomes fast and stable, so Skype lessons are used as an on-site lesson but with the comfort of staying in your home and having exactly the same service.

Once I got this fantastic MIX method with IVA and leaned into that, I learned how to control my instrument and also to sing many songs that seemed to be impossible to sing.

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